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Windows Unlock with RFID

I am using an RFID sensor and an arduino to unlock a Windows based device using keystrokes.

Engineer School Area of Interest Grade
Aryan Greenwich High School Electrical Engineering / Computer Science Incoming Senior

Myself My Project


Throughout my 3 weeks at Bluestamp Engineering, I have learned a great deal in both engineering and coding. I have been taught how to troubleshoot by myself, how to solder sadely, and how electrical components work. At this summer program, I felt more independent since we were informed by the instructors that they would not provide answers to the students questions unless we have tried at least three different ways to try to solve the problem. I think that Bluestamp’s way of teaching is very unique and promotes students to grasp the art of troubleshooting.

I discovered that both the software and Arduino aspects of my project were extremely enjoyable to do. From constantly debugging code to setting up my Arduino uno/micro, Bluestamp Engineering along with the amazing instructors were able to teach me a great deal through my 3 weeks at the program.

Demo Night Video

This is my video that was recorded and presented on 7/21/2022. I run through what my project is about, how it works, and what it really does.

Third Milestone/Modifications

My Third Milestone showed the modifcations I made on the second milestone. For the modifications, I made a RFID bracelette and a cardboard case for the RFID-breadboard-Arduino system. The cardboard case was definetly hard simply because of the dimensions.

Second Milestone

In my second milestone, I showed how I switched from an arduino uno to an arduino micro. Since the uno uses an ATmega328P chip, it doesn’t have the capabilities to act as an HID and so is unable to send keystroke commands to the computer. The Arduino Micro uses an ATMEGA32u4 so it is able to act as both a keyboard and a mouse meaning i could send keystrokes to my computer such as WIN + L to lock the computer or my password to unlock the computer.

First Milestone

My first milestone was setting up and hooking up the RFID sensor with an Arduino Uno. The RFID RC522 requires 7 different connection including a GND and a 3V connection. You can’t use a 5V connection as that overheats the sensor and this piece of equipment is genrally very sensitive to extra voltage. We then have a MISO, MOSI, SDA, SCK, and RST connections that all ensure the RFID is able to relay the information to the arduino and that the Uno is able relay the code to the RFID.